Novi Sad to host the 26th General Conference of the International Amateur Radio Union

The 25th General Conference of the International Amateur Radio Union, IARU Region 1 was held in a virtual format from October 15 to 24, 2021. This event was first supposed to take place during the autumn of 2020 in Novi Sad, Serbia but was postponed due to the pandemic of the SARS‑CoV‑2 virus. For the same reason, this year it was held as a video conference.

Considering all these circumstances, the Amateur Radio Union of Serbia was offered to compete for the organization of the 26th Conference, planned for 2023. During the voting, Novi Sad, as the proposed host city, received huge support from as many as 97.70% of the delegates deciding on the destination of the next conference.

As for the previous international events for which the Amateur Radio Union of Serbia applied, the bidding process was again supported by the Serbia Convention Bureau of the National Tourism Organisation of Serbia.

In addition to this, after being delayed twice for reasons already mentioned, the 20th Amateur Radio Direction Finding World Championships (ARDF World Championships) should be held on Zlatibor, Serbia in 2022, with over 500 competitors and guests expected to arrive.